Saturday September 3, 2016

Hi everyone.

Well I did it!! I did my first 10k race! It was pretty easy. But all that walking yesterday in not-so-good shoes kind of messed up my left foot so it hurt a lot of the day. But we finished in roughly 85 minutes. That means we beat our target time by 5 whole minutes. And that might not seem like a lot of time to you, but believe me, every second counts in the race world. We did it and that’s all that matters.

We went back to the expo after a shower and a nap. We walked around to see what people were selling and giving away. My dad and I stood in a line to spin a prize wheel and we both ended up winning tickets for a return trip to Disneyland. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was just too fantastic. So we were excited.

Half marathon tomorrow. Oh my goodness.



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