Friday September 30, 2016

Hi guys.

Man it was a long day. I found a ton of ants in my room this morning. It was crazy. So I put some bait down for them before I left for work. I told my parents about it so hopefully everything gets resolved soon.

We went out to dinner with family friends tonight. One of my co-workers closed the store for me so I could leave a bit earlier than expected. My dad and I had the most trouble getting home. The freeway entrance was closed and there were several accidents that shut down intersections we wanted to go through. So it was an interesting ride home.

When we did get home, my parents had stripped my bed of the sheets and all that. They found ants in my bed. And I have several bites on my upper back to show for it. So I will be doing everything possible to stop these little guys before I get more bites.

Hopefully you had a much better day than I did. Have a good weekend.


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