Saturday October 22, 2016

Hi everyone.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. Unfortunately, while I was trying to clean up my room, one of my co-workers called. He left something he needed on his desk at work so he asked me if I would come let him in. I said yes because I felt obligated. So I waited around an extra 10 minutes for him to show up; he was late because he didn’t realize the freeway was closed so he had to take side streets.

So after I was done, my mom and I went to Sam’s Club. I downloaded the app and so we scanned our items as we put them in the cart. It was an interesting process. And I got a lot of yummy snacks so it was all good. And we got Chick-fil-A for lunch.

Even though my mom doesn’t work at her old school anymore, we still went to their fall festival. I invited a friend to go who lives in the neighborhood, but he didn’t respond. But we had a good time anyways.

Hope you had a good day too.


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