Wednesday November 16, 2016

Hi everyone.

Well art therapy started out as a disaster. I was told it started at 5:30 so I arrived at 5:15. Time went by and no one else showed up. I thought maybe I got the time wrong. 6:00 rolls around and still no one. So I go into the group room where I assume this group will be held. After a few minutes, someone comes in asking what I’m there for. I tell her art and she goes and knocks on a door. She pokes her head inside and says that she has someone for art therapy. So this person walks out and greets me. Apparently no one goes to art therapy so she wasn’t expecting anyone and was unprepared. So it took her a long time to go to her car and get everything. By the time we got started, it was at least 6:20. For a 5:30 start. It was ridiculous. But it wasn’t too bad. I was the only one so it was quick and personal. I have an individual session with this same person tomorrow too.

So it was a long night but I got through it fine. Hope you had a good day.



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