Saturday December 31, 2016

Happy New Year’s Eve!

We got a lot done today. First we had to go to my sister’s house and get the remaining items out off her room before we could move my stuff in. The hard part was the bed. After we got all her stuff out of the room, we spent some time vacuuming and getting things ready for my furniture to come in. I’m thankful that my dad and my sister’s boyfriend were able to help us move my furniture because it’s bulky and awkward. But we got it all in the room. It’s not laid out like I want it to be but that will come in time.

We went to my sister’s new house tonight. She moved in with her boyfriend and they were having a New Years party. They had fireworks and it was a fun time.We didn’t stay long because we were tired from moving and we didn’t want to be out driving with the crazies.

So have a safe and happy New Years Eve and an amazing 2017!



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