Wednesday December 21, 2016

Hi guys.

It was a busy day today. My mom and I went over to the Bellagio Conservatory to take pictures of the flowers and the holiday decorations. It was beautiful. A little too many poinsettias and not enough flower variety but it was still pretty. Then we took the tram to the Monte Carlo and had breakfast at Starbucks. Then we walked to New York New York and went into the Hershey World shop. Ten we walked across the street to the MGM and M&M World. We bought my dad some M&Ms because he only likes the bright colored ones. Then we walked back to Bally’s and rested. My aunt came and picked us up for some lunch and to go to the Coach outlet store. My mom bought me a new wallet. It was only $40 after all the discounts which is really good for Coach.Then my uncle joined us for dinner and ice cream at the mall. We stopped by my cousin’s workplace to say hi but we didn’t stay long since it was late at night and my uncle had to work in the morning.

It was a long day and I hope I get a good night’s sleep.



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